Digital, Branding, Motion, Print, Photography, & Illustration

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Yes, I’m that guy who does everything.

I came a long way to be who I am today, majored in Digital Animation and Design, which gave me a very good sense of storytelling through motion and visual creation. Having started my own workshop and worked at different boutique agencies over the years, I’ve grown to extend my skill set to Photography, Videography, Branding, Web Design, Digital Interactive and all sort of content creation.

Being able to support front-end and back-end of the workflow, made me a all-rounded Creative Art Director; with my dynamic experience, I would love to contribute to make your idea or project a more successful one!


Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design


Motion Graphic


Visual Design
Process & Exploration
Print & Collateral

Social Media

Content Creation
Bite Size Video
Social Ad Design

Clients I’ve worked with

My clientele ranged from Personal, Design Agency, F&B, Property, Hospitality, to Government Agency. With good production knowledge, I am able to provide them with a better solution, and also work hand in hand to explore new possibilities.

“Design is a solution, it carries a purpose, and set out to achieve results.“