The future of Singapore’s transportation landscape is exciting, there will be driverless taxis that take you everywhere you wanted while you could work on the way, goods that shipped via underground tunnel to your doorstep, and even robotic machineries that clean up the city.

Client: Ministry of Transport
Website: mot.gov.sg
Services: Project Management, Architectural Visualization
Agency: Digital Mirage


A vision is set for the Singapore’s future.

This is a project initiated by the Futures Division under the Ministry of Transport Singapore. The brief is to illustrate a multi-layers sectional perspective to showcase how everything flows in the future landscape.

Physical space continues to post as the greatest challenge for the fast-growing country. In future, Singapore will be expanding below ground level. Many services will be automated and streamlined, ground surface will be car-light, busy traffic will be happening below ground, with service tunnel and public train.

The studies were done by the renowned urban planning agency ARUP, and ideas were put into place by several government agencies. I was tasked to coordinate the project, from account to production. This masterpiece took 5 artists over 3 weeks of production time.

3d Artists : Yuri & Kyle
Post Artists : Henry, Casper & Shermene

Media release : Channel News Asia


Architectural Visualisation : From sketches to 3d rendering to post production.

To kickstart the architectural visualization, I’ve taken the information from various parties, made some research and churn out some sketches. From there we further developed the structure and details before going into the 3d production stage. As this is a 15k px (in width) visualisation, the 3d process is tedious as there were a lot of details and calculation involved, we often have to separate the file and ignore unnecessary calculation of light. As for the photoshop artists, they have to spread the image into layers to place in the foliage, people, activities and finally combine them together and apply an Artify effect to soften the image.

mot 006
mot 007
mot 002
mot 004


With all the hardship and efforts contributed by our internal team and also the collaboration with various agencies, it is beyond words to describe the satisfaction of seeing this piece coming together and being announced to the nation. This project set a milestones for Architectural Visualisation.