Fabulous, Fantastic and Electrifying, is a nickname we had for FF&E, the original term stands for Furniture, Fixture and Equipment, it set out to be the One-stop ID solution for Interior Designers, Vendors, Contractors, and Consumers.

Client: FF&E
Services: Web Design, UI UX
Agency: Six Planes


FF&E is a common term used in Interior Design, which refers to Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment.


This is an internal project initiated by Six Planes, targeting to create an ultimate portal to connect designers, vendors, contractors, and users, all the need for FF&E from industrial scale to home make-over could be found in this portal.

Our senior graphic designer, David Hillman was in charged of the branding of FF&E, while I focused on the web portal itself, from the base structure to a few key pages. These visuals were used to pitch to investors.

Earlier Development

FF&E scale was beyond any websites I’ve worked on, there were so many aspects to take into consideration.

As this site is aiming at different users, we have to visualize various user journey to showcase the capability of the portal. To make the visual more compelling, I’ve put in a lot of effort in sourcing for images and creating contents instead of using dummy text or lorem ipsum.

018_ffne_vendor profile
012_ffne_community_trending showcases


It was a very challenging to churn out these visuals(more than these), there were countless meetings and discussions. Seeing the visuals coming together was a great joy, although the project was not able to be launched, I’ve learned a lot through the process.