Pryce is established by one of Singapore’s oldest tea companies, Lim Lam Thye. It sets to redefine the way to enjoy Chinese and eastern tea, by giving them a twist of modern flavour. Inspired by ‘The Paris of the East ‘of early 1900s, each Shanghai Tisanes blend offers a deliciously different tea experience, transporting you to a melting pot of oriental flavors with a dash of adventure. Each tea is expertly selected and artfully composed to offer a taste that is exceptional.

Client: Pryce Tea
Services: Packaging Design
Agency: Six Planes


PRYCE is launching its new line of Fusion teas, inspired by the Paris of the East of the early 1900s. It was an era where Western influences sprung in the old ShangHai.

The project was done during my time with Six Planes, we’ve come out with a few art directions(more than 5!) for the client. The final direction and packaging design was executed by our designer, Deane Cheng. I’ve supervised the design process and also came out with a few creatives.

Client’s brief was to showcase the characteristic of the ShangHai Tisanes through its packaging design, with bright colour and traditional motif. Here you will get to see the final products and some earlier ideas.

Earlier Development

Here are some earlier developments I’ve done, the art direction was inspired by old ShangHai culture where tea house is the place people socialise and exchange ideas.

It is pretty much like how the ShangHai Tisanes tea is created, from the mixture of different cultures and flavours. I am trying to register an icon to the brand, showing a classic Chinese man carrying his bird cage, on his way to the tea house(yes, back then the Chinese would bring their bird to the tea house and showcase how well their bird could sing).  Before landed on the ShangHai Tisanes name, Orient Exotic was the working title of the project.

pryce 04
pryce 02
pryce 01
pryce 06
pryce 05


It was a painful project due to endless rounds of amendments. We were glad to pull it together and executed the project. The packaging design also received Singapore Packaging Star Award 2014, thanks to the team in Six Planes for the hard work.