Begin Again!

Sometimes, a first step is all you need to get your ideas going.

It has been years since I last blogged, used to keep a blog during my secondary school and college time. Time seems like a luxury since I started my career, have been focusing too much on work and challenge myself to new things, and picking up all new skills. It was exciting, and I love the challenges in works and in life.

Believe it or not, I’ve been holding this domain and hosting for almost 10 years, used to use it as test site and re-direct my client to my long portfolio pdf. Hence I’ve decided to restart this site, it will serves as my project archive and blog, hopefully I would constantly be update here.

The More You Do, The More You Gain

I’ve been holding on to this motivating quote ever since my college time, No Effort is wasted, you will always learn and gain from doing something, here my learning journey would continue.

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