Cinemagraph – Tea Lounge at The Regent Singapore

Client: The Regent Singapore
Date: August 17, 2017
Services: Creative & Art Direction, Content Production, Photo Retouching, Videography, Motion
Photographer: Pierre Deluca


Photo is boring, let’s do Cinemagraph!

What is Cinemagraph? Cinemagraph is a static photo with part of the elements moving in loopable animation. As there is a movement, it is more catchy in comparison to typical photo.

We were engaged by The Regent Singapore to create a series of Cinemagraphs for their Tea Lounge’s dessert menu.


It seems easy, but it is not!

In the production of Cinemagraph, we need to make sure our camera angle is fixed prior to taking multiple photos and video clips so that we have ample assets to work with. In the post-production, we will match the loopable movement from the video clips to the photo.

We’ve also produced some photos for the menu.

regent teatime 06
regent teatime 05
regent teatime 04
regent teatime 03
regent teatime 02
regent teatime 01
regent teatime 07

Social Media Contest

Giveaway contest, everyone loves it!

We have also delivered an animated GIF for our client to launch a simple social media contest on Facebook. Users will have to screenshot at the perfect timing where 3 same desserts are aligned. The contest was very well received with high participation.

regent tea lounge tic tac toe


Although I prefer to use the traditional method to create Cinemagraph, you can also create Cinemagraph with your phone, check out this app Fixel!