Michelin Starred Chef Portrait – Akira Back

Chef Akira Back is the MAN behind the famous restaurants and bar: Yellowtail, ABar, Akira Back and Dosa.

Client: JW Marriott Singapore South Beach
Website: marriott.com
Date: August 1, 2019
Services: Video Production, Content Production, Video Shoot, Interview, Chef Portrait
Photographers: Pierre Deluca, Artisa Chayani
Videographer: Darren, Sylvest, Isabelle


Michelin starred chef, Akira Back, owns over 13 restaurants globally.

Since the launch of Akira Back at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach in 2017, we have been waiting for a chance to catch Chef Akira. And this time, the marketing team finally get to catch him and engaged us to produce this short video portrait for the renowned Michelin starred chef.

Chef Akira Back scored a Michelin star for his restaurant DOSA in Seoul, Korea.

Watch the chef portrait below with password: i12c


Akira Back is a chef with a strong identity.

Chef Akira has this aura, he is humorous and serious at the same time. It was fun to interview him and we managed to record with 2 cams on the interview and 1 cam for B-roll, collected up to 40 minutes worth of footages. The final product is a 1-minute video for social medai.

From 40 minutes to 60 seconds.

In the era of social media, audiences’ attention span is so short, we have to produce short and sweet content to retain their interest. But there is more work than it meets the eyes.

The fundamental of editing a short interview or portrait video is to listen through the long interview and select the usable audio. Then, we have to carefully select the important and interesting part, and piece into a simple storyline. And lastly, overlay with relevant B-rolls.

The workflow seems fairly simple. But the challenging part is to have the ability and sense to carefully select audio bites and match with relevant B-roll to produce an engaging storyline.

Michelin Starred Chef Akira Back video portrait
Michelin Starred Chef Akira Back in his kitchen
Michelin Starred Chef Akira Back Tuna Pizza
Akira Back Tartar


I really enjoyed working on this project, especially during the interview session. Being a Michelin Starred Chef, Akira Back’s story is very interesting and inspiring. Being able to involve from pre-production to post-production,  editing the final video was a breeze.

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