Maserati Photography

Client: Maserati Singapore
Date: May 30, 2018
Services: Photography, Digital Imaging
Agency: Mediatropy


Localized content is more relatable.

Maserati Singapore engaged us (Mediatropy Pte Ltd) for social media management and content creation. Upon reviewing the existing assets, we decided to revamp their social channels to include more contents that are relatable to the local.

Taken the latest Maserati Levante 2017 out for a stroll, we went to a few iconic landmarks in Singapore for a photoshoot.

Maserati 09
Maserati 10
Maserati 08
Maserati 07
Maserati 06
Maserati 05
Maserati 03
Maserati 02
Maserati 01


Team Effort!

Tagging along with my boss and a great photographer, Pierre Deluca, we went from the top of building, to harbour, to heritage neighbourhood, to create this set of photos. Most photos were taken by Pierre, and edited by me.

The most memorable spot we shot was the building top. It was a very last minute decision to execute the shots, glad that our impulsive act did give us some nice results.

Social Media Contest

We have also created this simple social media contest for our client, user have to spot for the hidden item within the 360 photo we shot in a Maserati.


Every shoot is a good lesson, I’ve really enjoyed every process of figuring the execution and trying out new methods.

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