Yves Rocher – My Secret Village

An interactive video website

Client: Yves Rocher
Date: May 13, 2018
Services: Website Design, Creative & Art Direction, Website Development, Content Production,
Agency: Mediatropy Pte Ltd
Designer: Benjamin Tan


Yves Rocher is the No 1 Beauty Brand in France.

However, its pressence is lesser known in Asia, while facing strong competition from Korean and Japan’s beauty brands that resonate better in Asia market. Yves Rocher Asia engaged us to build brand awareness around their origin and use of natural ingredients. We were tasked to create a microsite and a series of content with an Asian touch.


Gamification and Asian Touch

The client approached us with some ideas and some contents they had in mind. Our challenges lies in making a delicious casserole out of these ingredients, such as Cute Animals, Asian Girl, Flower, Nature, Adventure, Love at first sight, French and etc.

We eventually came out with the idea of creating an interactive website to host a video campaign where audience could decide the development of the stories. The main story revolves around a journey of an Asian girl in a secret french village she stumbled upon. As she explore, the story reveal more to this village.

yr_secretvillage_fb 01
yr_secretvillage_fb 02

Art Direction

POV Video – To create a more engaging and immersive experience of the main character’s adventure, we shot the video in her point of view, with minimal insert of B-rolls. The music selection is also gear toward cheerful, country, melodic, go suggest a mood of C’est la Vie(it’s life).

Website – The website is designed in a very simple layout, using icons and objects for navigation and minimalized the use of text, so that client could easily adapt this to other region of APAC without translating the content.

Other Assets – We have also created a series of photos and ads for social media, mainly used for page like, engagement, and a bit of retargeting ad for sales.

Below is some storyboard I’ve done for the story and scenarios development.



The campaign sees good result in fan growth and engagement on the Yves Rocher’s social media page, especially in Vietnam, where the brand is thriving.

Find out more at mysecretvillage.com

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