Northern light in Tromso
Northern light in eliassen rorbuer at Lofoten Norway
Northern light in Tromso
Northern light in eliassen rorbuer at Lofoten Norway
Sony RX100 IV timelapse

How to Capture Northern Light with a Compact Camera

A Compact Camera that shoot amazing Time-lapse!

I love doing time-lapse of Natural Landscape, Cityscape, and Street. I’ve started shooting time-lapse since 2012, using Canon 7D and 5D MKIII by connecting them to a receiver, while controlling through a wireless remote powered by AAA batteries. I often need to prepare spare batteries and a wired remote as a backup. Here’s a link to a compilation I did back then.

Now I can save all that trouble with the Time-lapse App add-on to my SONY RX100 IV and SONY a7RII.

Below is a time-lapse compilation shot on SONY RX100IV during my North Europe Trip

Easy Step to Shoot Northern Light:

First, I would suggest users to sign up their Sony Account online and purchase the product before download/install via the camera.

Step 1 – Try out the ISO setting, exposure, and shutter duration before launching the APP. At Lofoten, Norway, it was almost pitch dark, I’ve set my ISO between 800-1600, shooting at Aperture between 2.8-4.0 (for star or northern light, you don’t really need high aperture, however, focus more on the shutter speed), shutter speed would range around 10sec to 15sec.

Step 2 – Make sure you turn off the Noise Reduction, Image Stabilization, and ND filter. All these feature will slow down the camera performance and result in additional “buffering time” right after every shot taken, which will ruin your interval.

Step 3 – Launch the App, if you are a manual person like me, choose the Custom mode. In typical setting, interval refers to the time in between each shot. However, in SONY’s app, it also includes the shutter duration. So, set your interval to (Shutter Speed + Interval). Suggest to have at least 150 images, which equal to 6 seconds on 25fps.

Step 4 – Now, hit your shutter release and start the time-lapse!

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