City Hall of Stockholm, good dynamic range
Bokehlicious inside a church at stockholm
Image shot on s-log2 and graded in light room
portrait on Sony RX100 IV
Taichi on Hurticruten cruise
Good ISO performance on Sony RX100 IV
Northern light in eliassen rorbuer at Lofoten Norway

Sony RX100 IV – Best Travel Companion !

If you want to travel light while capturing every moments, SONY RX100 is the best choice!

While planning our honey moon trip to North Europe, I was considering which camera to bring, my SONY a99 coupled with 24-70 and a ultra wide sayang 14mm would be such a burden of weight. So I’ve decided to go with SONY RX100 IV from, after several research and price comparison.

SONY RX100 IV equipped with Zeiss lens, with a focal length of 8.8mm- 25.7mm, aperture f1.8-2.8

SONY RX100 IV equipped with Zeiss lens, with a focal length of 8.8mm- 25.7mm, aperture f1.8-2.8

TOP 6 Reasons why you should get this camera!

#1 Good dynamic range

Couple with the electronic ND filter, RX100 could retains good details in highlight and shadow, no more overexposed sky!

#2 Good low light performance

At ISO 1600-3200, the camera still produce nice photos, equip with the f1.8 aperture, you can easily take nice indoor and night photos.


This is really a given feature in modern day camera, you can instantly transfer your best shot to your phone via SONY’s PlayMemories app (both iOS and Android) to post to your Instagram! You can also remote control your camera via the app.

#4 Apps

You are able to connect your camera to the <href=”” target-“new”>PlayMemories store for add-on, such as my favorite Timelapse app.

#5 Size matters, so does price

It is compact and fit well into your pocket in term of size and price, given it’s capability to meet all the needs for travel photography/videography.

#6 Great video capability

It shoots 4k 25p, and 50p/100p at FullHD! S-log is also available in the picture profile, which increase the dynamic range that allow more creative allowance in post-production.

Here’s my trip video made with this tiny monster plus a couple of shots from iPhone 6 Plus

Check out how to shoot Northern light with this camera here.

Down side?
Battery life, you’ve gotta prepare a few (like 3 at least) to barely last through a day. But the camera could be charged through mini usb, which means you could charge your cam through a portable power bank!

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