Fly Me to the Moon, DJI Mavic Pro!

It is so exciting to fly a drone, while there is also fear of crashing. The feeling is just so complicated.

Borrowed the DJI MAVIC PRO from Mediatropy, and did some test flight in hometown, Batu Pahat. There are not a lot of space to make babies in Singapore, not to mention flying drones!

Flying the drone is really fun, especially flying it for the first time at the place I grew up. I’ve never seen my hometown being so green and beautiful from high up.

Hope you like the video!

Music by erhling – road trip

Practise made perfect
Tried flying Phantom 4 a few times, were guided by a much experienced mentor, Pierre, who has a pilot license. The experience made flying Mavic easier, only that Mavic is not as strong as Phantom to stand against the wind, and the Mavic controller is also too sensitive to slight movement on the joysticks. However, I believe I would be able to create better camera movement after a few more practices.

DJI Mavic Pro is really compact, highly portable and easy to set up, it only took a few minutes to launch the drone. Some challenges faced is to maintain the shutter speed during bright daylight, ND filters would come in really handy in these situation, however, I don’t have any with me. Hence, I’ve broken a lot of rules in the camera setting.

NEXT STEP, I would try to customise the video and camera setting and explore more launching spots!

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